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Previous Entry Rollover Mar. 11th, 2005 @ 01:23 pm Next Entry
Okay, I am trying to create a onMouseOver Event that
will change the frame from frame 1 for example to frame
3 when the button is hovered over and then when the
mouse leaves the button it returns to frame 1. This is
so that when the button is pressed it goes to another
page outwith the f l ash page.

Currently i have the onRelease bit working using

Buttontwo.onRelease = function (){
gotoAndStop("Scene 1", 3);

how do i make the rollovers work, I don't much flash and
am not great with it, any help gladly received.
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Date:March 11th, 2005 01:41 pm (UTC)
Make sure that your button exists at both points in the timeline (frames one two and three)
Label the first frame "off" and the third frame "over"

While in the first frame select your button and the following in the action

frame on (rollOver) {

In frame three select your button and add the following in the action

on (rollOut) {

And you're done...
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Date:March 11th, 2005 01:48 pm (UTC)
you are an absolute star :)

*big hugs*

hope your doing well :)
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