February 2nd, 2005

.ASP testing environment?

Hi all!

I'm fairly new to .ASP proramming, and would like to do make acid-testing a little easier. Client-side scripting is real simple - just preview in the browser. However testing server-side scripting is a little challenging. Every time I wish to test my code, I have to upload the page to a remote server. Although the final test is the final post, when I'm working on a page, I will make a bunch of small nip-and-tuck changes until I get it right and uploading every thirty seconds after making a minor change is a big pain in the rear. Is ther a way to set up a local .ASP testing environment on my own PC, so I don't have to repeatedly send up every little tweak and adustment done during a course of development?

Slow JavaScript rollovers in Firefox

Hi all, I'm new around here. Have you ever run into amazingly slow javascript rollovers in the Windows build of Firefox?  Check out this little test to see what I'm talking about.  Basically there are 4 absolutely positioned gifs on top of each other, with the links to the side set up with onMouseOver events that toggle a given gif's src.  This works just fine in IE 6, Safari, and Mac and Linux builds of Firefox, but in Firefox on Windows it's painfully slow.  Or at least it is on my machine. Others have told me that it looks fine. A version with all the state's counties practically locks up my browser.

Any thoughts?  A known bug, perhaps?  Any better techniques? I've tried toggling style.visibility instead of the src, but to no avail.